A creative platform to build immersive behaviours, animations and stories in augmented reality

How it works


Assemble your virtual world in your real world

The Stic Stac library comes with variety of 3D assets like characters, animals, buildings or custom shapes to create your own fantasy world


Make them look as you like

Use custom controls to change looks and size of characters and objects in the scene


Control your world with coding blocks

Combine from various code blocks like Forward, Resize, Repeat or IF together to give custom animations to your virtual characters and objects. For instance you could do the following


Delight someone  with your creation

With an easy click and record, send your favourite creations and custom messages to your friends and family.


Want to give it a try?

We are looking for innovators and early adopters to help us build and refine Stic Stac before the official release. Once you signup, we will send you the download link

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This project was born in late 2018 after realising the absence of credible creative tools in the emerging Augmented reality technology. Little by little over time, the idea was nurtured into an award-winning concept 🏆 for tangible creative coding kit for children. Learning to code has become an essential 21st-century skill and modern technologies have opened new ways to accomplish that. We aim to leverage that and help individuals express creatively and cultivate problem-solving minds. Simply put, we want to make content creation by coding fun! Going ahead with this mission, we will be soon launching 🍰 the mobile-only application to make the concept a reality! Although designed for children 9 years and above, it could be used by people of all ages. 

"Empower people to be creators"


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