"We are building a mobile-based creative and social platform for immersive augmented reality content"

StacStac is built to bring creative power and with that a new medium of expression to people. We aim to provide a seamless experience of creating, sharing and exploring AR content with the powerful 3D editor deeply integrated with the Stic Stac social media platform.



"Empower people to be creators"

Stic Stac was born as a research project in September 2018 after realising the absence of any creative tools in the emerging augmented reality technology. Little by little over time, the idea was nurtured into a tangible creative coding kit for children. The project received research funding from HEC GmbH, Germany in 2019 and won multiple international recognitions including IxDA award for best expressive project 🏆


While building this project, we realised the power of code blocks to create and put out simple to complex ideas in the world. Leveraging this power of code-as-building-blocks, we aim to give more control to our users to create augmented reality content, so they can truly call something their “own”. 🍰

Going ahead with this mission, we will soon be launching the mobile-only application for Stic Stac for anyone interested in creative expression.

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